Friday, April 27, 2007

New Equipment

Woo?! My smokin hot Bell Meteor II helmet came in the mail yesterday. After poking and prodding and a few minutes of confused shuffling with the helmet, I finally managed to get it on my huge noggin. I felt like Calvin when he gets enough Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs proof of purchases for a beanie and runs to the mailbox everyday to see if it's arrived. But this helmet should really make me fly. I actually sat down with the laptop and sent an email to the company in Ireland asking if they'd sent it yet because the order confirmation didn't come with the promised tracking number. Literally 30 seconds after I clicked send i'm sitting there waiting for the page to load, and a mailman comes up to our door complaining that he can't see our address number, but delivers a luscious long large box which my momma carried up to our house on her head. Woohoo?! Of course I have no use for it, even in training, so i'll have to wait a few weeks for an actual race time trial to wear it.

Also in the equipment department, I got a disc wheel. Not a real $1,000 zipp or anything, but actually better. I got a disc wheel CH-Aero cover. I was definately reluctant at first, but the truth is, I would rather time trial with a 32 spoked PowerTap wheel then with no Powertap and a disc wheel. So this is the next best thing until SRM sponsors me with an FSA Pro SRM.. word.

So my Cervelo One is pretty set and pretty much complete. Semi-Full specs:

Cervelo One 51cm Frame
Visiontech Pro Integrated Aero Bars
Dura Ace Levers
Fi:zik Arione (is that where the : goes? err..)
Visiontech Aero Brake Levers
DT Swiss RR1.1 Rear Wheel w/ Powertap and CH-Aero cover

I'm hopin to save up for a Cervelo P3SL. Hopefully i'll be able to find one in the right size at the right time, but I might have other more important things to purchase first.

I got today off, and tonights gonna be an awesome awesome pasta meal with scallops, muscles, shrimp and maybe somethin else that teems on the bottom of the ocean?

Happy Birthday week to my momma. Ashley and Nick brought over their bird for my mom to play with. She wants one real bad.. And this fool could only say I love you... Pansy. Anyways, I can't think of anyone else deserves a whole week of celebration more than madre so happy birthday. "Next year in Paris."


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