Saturday, March 31, 2007

There is no spoon.

On the way to the first race of the season, one is not to forget to eat. And eat alot. We (cary) packed up the bikes and everything we needed for an entire day in Shreveport, as we would not be returning in between the morning Road Race and the early evening Time Trial... Or so I thought. Our car was stuffed. Everything we could possibly need was in the car. Except a spoon. So how am I to eat my oatmeal? Next thing I know I'm in a gas station getting a hot cup of water, and... a straw. I can barely choked down oatmeal in the first place, much less suck it down through a straw. Even worse was that I wasn't even hungry. Try getting down oatmeal through a straw at 4 in the morning while youre nervous about a race!? Sweet jesus. The apple on the otherhand, went down smooth.