Monday, April 2, 2007

Jens, Olaf and the Crit Internationals

So The Dude Jens Voigt came through this weekend to win the overall in the Criterium International for the 3rd time. (not to mention being top 5, 7 times overall.)

Olaf Pollack won the first stage and threw up a big middle finger (proverbially) to T-Mobile for dropping him last year even after storming the Tour of California for 2 stage wins and the overall points classification. Besides that he didn't win much else. He brought home 4 top 3 finishes in stages at the Giro D'Italia, 3rd in the chase for the Green Jersey, and a short-lived stint in the Maglia Rosa. That sounds like enough to get him a contract for another year or two right? Wrong. Apparently Olaf doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut when the bosses pick on the new recruits, or so I hear. Either way, Weisenhof has got to be happy about their win. I'm guessin T-Mobile is wishing they kept Olaf around a little longer while their new youngin' Gerald Ciolek came into his own. So far Geralds picked up a handful of nothing. Numerous 2nd places, but he hasn't come up with the goods so far. He is only 20 though

Jens is already off to a succesful season with a stage win in the Tour of California. It's impossible to not like Jens. He'll work all day in a breakaway, get caught, and then karate chop anyone who tries to get in his way for the stage win. I speak mainly of Levi Leipheimer, who can't seem to drop Jens when he really needs to. Like in the Tour of Deutschland last year. Seeing Jens climb with Levi then punk him in the sprint was hilarious and a slap in the face to the "pure" climber. Jens you are a dude. Oh and he has a 5th baby on the way. Geez. Seems to have spent the whole off-season for nothing but training and sexy time.

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