Monday, December 8, 2008


Yes, I know what I want for my birthday as of 5 minutes ago.

Harman Kardon's new GLA-55 speakers. Anybody? Please?

Weekend Riding, Hunting

This weekend was full of good riding. Saturday me and Bennie the beast man Flores went and did 4 hours in St. Francisville. We were able to cover 80 miles in the 4 hours...(?!). Sunday morning me, Dustin, and Josh Rosby had planned to do 5hours easy. I wake up to this text message (starts from the bottom): Just so everyone knows, Joshua Rosby, currently employed with the The Bicycle Shop of Baton Rouge, located on Highland Road near the North Gates of Louisiana State University, copped out of a ride because of "Explosive shits". As much fun as I want to poke, I can't imagine explosive shits are very fun. That'd be a good prescription drug side-effect on a commercial. "Zimbalta's side-effects include...." yaa..

Either way, the ride went well. Dustin hit the gym up for 1.5hours the day before and was pretty shot. If anyone ever wants to drop Dustin with a simple revolution of the crank, get him to ride 5hours the day after he goes to the gym, and wait till about 3 hours into the ride. It's the most fun you can have without taking your clothes off cause it's just something that doesn't happen. It'd be like beating Bennie in a sprint.. it just doesn't happen.

Me and Dustin went hunting afterwards. It was my first time hunting. We used 260 Remington cartridges. Those little suckers are accurate, but apparently not enough for me to hit anything. We didn't see any deer, but I still had a lot of fun sitting way the f up in the deer stand looking for stuff. Had even more fun shooting over the top of a coyotes head. Deer meat/sausage will be mine soon enough?!