Thursday, April 5, 2007

Time off the bike.

So I got started on a new training schedule last week that Cary has specifically tailored for me. The field test is alot longer but I like this better as i've found i'm not as fast of a starter as some people are. I tend to do better over long fast courses rather then sprinting out of the hole. It still hurt though but I was pretty happy with the results. Anyways, I felt my performance over the next few days were struggling, and confirmed it at a training ride. I'm usually more then able to ride off the front, attack and stay away, or just comfortably sit in the pace. I was suffering immensely. I was getting odd looks from people and it was not a good time. Long story short, me and my brother have concluded that i've overreached a good bit. So I get to take a little time off the bike. I feel like a normal person on spring break, as everyone else just got out for their week off of partying and drinkin. I hate taking time off the bike but I know it's for the good of my pistons. In the meantime, feast your eyes on some my awesome pictures from the Tour of California at the prologue this year.

Ivan Basso rode right up next to me and started chattin it up with ex-CSC Pro Andrea Peron. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet?!

Slipstream rider talkin with another guy I rode with. I think they use to ride on the same team? Word

Jakob Piil looks so fit in person. It was kinda weird though... All the T-Mobile bikes were set up and there was this rope around them so people couldn't get too close. Everyone just stood around watching like they were at a zoo.

$17,000ish BMC Time Machine 001. Holy Moly. Sweet wheels, double sweet carbon cranks, chop shopped sella italia flite saddle. It followed behind one of the riders as they went down the ramp who was ridin the fake time machine... Why exactly wasn't anyone riding this? I'll take it.

One of the guys I rode with a few times out in Cali alongside Chris Horner. What a gangsta saddle yeah?

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