Friday, November 7, 2008

Week off, Alabama Game, Obama

So this week was kinda my week off. After doing the 24hr ClearSprings Mtb Race I decided it was a good time to rest. Actually, it kinda forced me to rest. I could barely walk, bend over to tie my shoes, bend my knees and I think I have a stress fracture in my wrist cause I can't even eat cereal with it! I feel like an old man. That might turn out to be true cause that race probably took 5 years off my life.

The LSU-Alabama game is this weekend. I kinda wanna go but tickets are pricey, and I wouldn't mind watching it on a couch with some brewskies. Hopefully Lee will not (but probably will) throw a beautiful interception pass.

No I didn't vote. Yes I got a lot of crap for it. But he won by a landslide. There were judges, amendments and what not locally to vote for, but not being educated at all on them, I thought it best just to leave all voting out this year.

This really must be a bitter sweet victory for........

KANYE WEST! Not sure what he's gonna rap about now. He most certainly can't go on MTV this year and say "Barack Obama does not like black people." No no that won't fly anymore.

Time for some winter base training. I'm getting super pumped about my training this winter.

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Stella said...

Are you serious? A beautiful interception pass? How about SEVERAL of those beauties. And you foretold it in your blog? Should we hold you responsible? LOL.