Thursday, November 20, 2008

SWEET mother of god. The TroyLSU game was unbelievably insane. Here's kind of a play by play. We went into the game after tailgating and realizing that I was way under dressed for the freezing elements. Troy scores right off the bat.. Okay it's cool, we'll get em. Just gotta warm up.. Troy scores again... uh.... Troy scores again.... what the? People figure it's over and then... Troy scores again. I guess about 45,000 "fans" charged outta the stadium. So we hang tight. I was frickin freezin but someone was there to share a jacket with me.. yeah we shared.. never done that before but 1 arm was definately warmer than the other. Long story short, we came back and won in something like 16minutes of play. I've never screamed so hard in my life. I think I tasted blood in my throat.. Okay I know it was blood, it's just kinda gross.

Now that that weekends over, I can finally get started training. And holy crap is it cold. Yesterdays ride was 33degrees. Here's my power file:

I'm feelin pretty weak right now, but didn't feel bad on this ride. I have pretty big expectations for next year so I have a lot of bloody freezing rides to do.

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