Friday, February 8, 2008

possibly, the nicest ride i've done.....ever..................... in my life

Yesterday i had a 4hr ride with at least 50% of it being zone2 heart rate. Tim pointed me out to a 70 mile loop that went way out to Pinole, and a small town called Crockett, before, heading back to alahambra and hitting the bears, up wildcat, and back home. I had a hard ride the day before and was really looking forward to some new scenery. I got my supplies ready and headed out the door. To my extreme satisfaction, it was actually warm, not a cloud in the sky. About two hours into the ride once I get away from the scenic part of Pinole, I end up climbing a very wide street that looks like it should be super busy, but no cars. Over the hill I witness this huge refinery. I feel like i'm out in the bloody middle of nowhere with nothin but stackpipes to look at. Before I know it I round a corner and I see huuuuuge green hills with houses all over them, and the water with the 2 workhorse bridges goin way across to oakland. Unbelievably beautiful ride. I met some cool people, dropped a cat3 on a Giant sponsored team on a wicked descent (yes that's a pretty lame claim to fame), got offered a possible spot on a team, and had really great legs all day. I'm gonna take the camera with me next time, possibly Sunday and take some pictures on that route. Really amazing stuff.. Unfortunately I got lost and got directions from another rider, and was about 20 minutes in the wrong direction. I was really running low on food and had about 1:30 hours to go. I stuffed down my last clif bar and hoped for the best. Since I was dumb enough to not bring enough food for a 5hr ride, I ended up having to eat 3500calories before I went to bed, and I got back from riding at about 5:30. Me, Aunt Krista and Tim went to in-n-out burgers... suuuper delicious, but I should have eaten about 3 more. Upon getting home and logging in my foods, I still had 1600calories to eat, and was about to vomit the food I had already eaten. I stayed up till about 11 stuffing everything I could from rosemary nuts to taco bell (still can't believe I had to resort to that) to beer. I ended with about a 400calorie deficit, and upon cary's idea, I laid some traps about the house in case I got up in the night, with the thought that I would hopefully be walking to the bathroom and notice a delicious looking banana on the floor.. the plan bombed, but I still felt good on my ride today. It was intense! 3 hours with 40minutes of climbing at 300watts. I made it through the day and am now moving from Tim's house, to Kristas tonight, where i'll have a tempurpedic bed & pillow all to myself. 19 days left of heavenly riding in California

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