Sunday, February 10, 2008

I figured i'd kinda try to organize my blog alittle bit instead of name dropping all the time.. but instead of editing posts.. i'll just start from square one here.

I'm out for another month in California training in the Albany, Berkeley hills for the 2nd year in a row. I stayed with my Aunt Kristas fiance Tim for the first week and a half or so here in his sweet pad in Albany, and since Krista still has a month of her lease left at her apartment, i'm livin here since she pretty much is always at Tims, and is in the process or moving there.. I guess that sums it up abit............ sort of....

anyways my bike has been making a weird noise for a few days. i thought it might be the crank and wasn't too happy cause that isn't a good case but it could be worse... turns out it is.. the sounds coming from the freehub. I took it to a few shops today Mikes Bikes and VeloSport in Berkeley and i got the same answer. "Well uh, yeah just spray some lube in there and it shouldn't make that noise anymore". I mean it's not some little wishwashy ticky noise. It's a popping clanking bomb going off in my hub and I dont think solvent will take care of the issue. I have been training with it hoping it will just go away, which is a bloody stupid idea, and it hasn't. I got all suited up for my first ride from Kristas pad and was feelin really tired.. Unfortunately Tim's Magical couch has sleeping powers beyong Kristas tempurpedic.. i dunno how that's possible. and they're throwing away the couch... I wonder if there's anyway I can box it up and ship it back to br.... maybe check it at the airport... anyways i'm out the door and am sluggin along with my poppin rear wheel. I'm about an hour into my ride so I put down a clif bar and go for a water bottle. no water bottles! dude as if it couldn't get worse.. so i turn around and as i'm just starting back i see this rider comin towards me... low position, fast cadence, beefy legs, sweet badass jersey.. freddy rodriguez?! dude badass as anything?! all decked out in his new rock&republic racing kit and yellow de rosa bike. a guy here i'm suppose to train with this week works at wrench science down the street from where i'm livin and he said he taped up freddy's bars the other day. sweeeeeet.. i think freddy's there pro spokesman or somethin.

wonder how rock&republic is gonna be goin if Kayle Leograndes B sample gets tested positive. Here's straight from Michael Balls mouth himself in a VeloNews interview

"His numbers that have come back from testing are amazing. They are unbelievable. We’ve had him tested by Max Testa and Max stepped out and said, 'You have a Tour de France contender. At the very least this man can win a stage.' "

Somethin smells like tuna gone bad.
"when somethings seem too good to be true... it probably is" -major dick pound

sad but true.. except in my case.

i'm on my way over to tims, timmys, the timsters, timmy crack corn and i don't care - house to check out my bike and inspect the damage. he's the man with the tools... and the awesome couch, which i might crash on tonight if it lures me in with it's lush arms and charm.

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