Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Yuki's cuteness captured in this rare photo

2 weeks to Joe Martin. Man the pain cave is calling. I'm gonna look really good flying up those hills in my too big jersey, and untight tights.

I got my mom her new bike for her birthday on the 22nd. Fitted with Pink Speedplay light action pedals, some sweet white specialized shoes and some other sweet stuff. I think she was pretty excited by her reaction. Now I get to take her to the hills and thrash her mwahahah?!!?

At a time trial a month or so ago, we finally managed to take a picture of yuki that didn't look like she just snorted half a kilo of crack cocaine. I figured i'd share it with you, now that i'm not so embarassed.

A 4 hour ride awaits me out on the sensationally amazing river road...

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joe said...

update your blog douchebag